Ideas for the FZ250

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Ideas for the FZ250

What would you want to see in the next version of the FZ200?

Here are my ideas:

Cut resolution in 1/2 to 6MP (double light to each pixel)
Change from standard RGBG Bayer to high transmission - maybe minusBlue,minusGreen,minusRed,white (double light transmission)
Increase lens speed at the wide end to f2 - continuous f2.8 could be simulated with aperture control
Decrease sensor and readout noise by 20%
These four changes should dramatically improve noise or allow 5-10 times faster shutter speeds (10 times at the wide end)
Add built-in support for IR and RF remote flash triggering
Add built-in support for IR and RF remote microphones and multi-channel audio recording
Add built-in support for IR and RF triggering of the camera
Add built-in GPS + IMU + magnetometer (so the EXIF data can have location and in what direction the camera was pointed)
Add support for computer control via USB3 (all functions and fast image readout)
Add synchronization support so two or more cameras could be used for stereo or trinoculor robot vision
Improved speed - faster focus, faster single shot to shot times, faster bursts with autofocus and live view, faster flash recycle, better continuous autofocus tracking
Rubber eyecup
Larger view finder

The one feature "decrease" is the megapixel reduction.  How often do you do a significant crop or print larger than A4?  My conclusion was the benefits of the lower resolution out-weighed the draw-backs.  Any good ideas on how to market 6MP as better than 12MP?

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200
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