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Richard Franiec wrote:

Most of the weakness of SD (and DP) are sensor related. So changing to a Canon or Nikon body wouldn't solve many of the problems, except perhaps AF speed and accuracy.

I'm puzzled. What sigma is doing with Foveon sensor refinement is rather exemplary. What is lacking (in my view) is mainly (lackluster) performance on processing and utility side, including SPP.

Lackluster performance is surely sensor related. I’m no techno savvy, but could make a guess that reconstructing an image from the info captured by the X3 sensor must involve tremendous amount of data churning with extremely complex algorithm due to the inherent challenges with the multi-layer architecture. The amount of processing to deal with these challenges must be so many times more than that of the Bayer sensor of comparable image size that it needs much more time to do it, even if TRUE II engine may be already as powerful as their Bayer counter parts today.

Other most heard grievances about Sigma cameras include poor high ISO performance, colour blotches in shadows and mediocre AF (with DP’s CDAF). They are all largely attributable to the sensor.

Regarding SPP, I actually find it better than the RAW converters of two other brands I’ve used. It might be slower, but again it could be due to the larger file size and much more complicated algorithms involved, again leading back to the sensor, if indirectly.

In fact, the only major complaint I have about SD1M that’s not related to sensor is its AF, but then it could be the lens I use, - some lenses are much better.

But as an imaging system, you can bring lenses and accessories into the equation. There I rest my case. I don't have the knowledge of the pro’s. Suffice it to say that the big boys just wouldn’t touch Foveon. If you like Foveon, forget about your “what if’s”.

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