Yet another tripod question...

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Re: Yet another tripod question...

technophile wrote:

is the multi-angle center column a "must have" feature, or a gimmick? Opinions, advice appreciated.

It might be a must have for some, nice to have for me (055XPROB). I have used it various ways but only in a small percentage of tripod shots. I'm not aware of any overt instability with the column locked down, but I'm not exactly pushing the boundary of long lenses or exposure, and I've not compared with an equivalent pod without a column.

There is a time when flexibility is desirable. When I'm doing serious macro in the studio, moving the camera to focus on a static subject, I set up the tripod with the column extended and MF in Live View, then sweep the plane of focus across the subject by flexing the tripod. That makes it very easy to judge where the optimal focus is when you see it changing in real-time like that. Flash takes care of any motion I cause by holding the camera and pressing the shutter button. A tripod without a column is a PITA for that unless you have some other way of easily adjusting the relative height between the camera and the subject.

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