5d mark3 video sharpness compared to 5dm2?

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Re: 5d mark3 video sharpness compared to 5dm2?

DigiMatt wrote:

The 5D3's video is vastly superior to the 5D2, 6D, and 7D because it has no aliasing, very little moire, can be sharpened, and has a very useful 720p 60 mode.

The 5D2's video may appear sharper because of all of the aliasing that it displays. Aliasing is false detail caused by the line skipping to make 1080p video. The 5D3 has almost no aliasing so people who are used to seeing it on the 5D2 may think it is softer.

As for sharpening:

The 5d2 is best with no sharpening in camera or post because it looks absolutely awful to sharpen aliasing.

The 5D3 there is some debate but everyone is either sharpening in post or in-camera. Some common amounts 5d3 sharpening formulas.

sharpening set to 3 in-camera

sharpening set between 20 and 50 in Premiere Pros sharpen filter.

sharpening set to 120, 1.1, 0 in Premiere Pros unsharp mask filter.

The 5d3 has a nice 720p 60 mode. The 5d2 doesn't have it at all, and the 550D, 60D, 7D 720p shows even worse aliasing than the line skipped 1080p.

Nicely put. I think the video for 5d3 has been underestimated. It is still the best among all the dslrs.

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