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kkardster wrote:

clark321 wrote:

Steen Bay wrote:

Yes, he seems to think that you can't get sharp images at full zoom unless using a tripod or a very high ISO. A pity that he didn't discover how effective the SX50's IS is.
Did the reviewer even take the camera outside and try it? His thoughts would suggest to me that he didnt.How can he grade the handling of the camera if he hasnt used it? If he has used it, how can he not know that it is easily hand held at 1200mm ?

Why repeat someone else's post when you yourself are struggling with hand-held full tele? From one of you own posts:

"Im also amazed you could hand hold at such a slow shutter speed. I recently bought a monopod to make life much easier."

Can't have it both ways.

My post did not come out as expected. The first sentence is from Steen Bay and the following sentences are from me. So I wasnt just repeating someones post.

The other thread that I replied to, was to a poster that very successfully hand held  the camera at 2400mm &  1/50 sec. Is that not good stabilization to you? I think it is stunning.

Given that, Im sure if the reviewer had tried the camera during any daylight conditions, he would have found the camera could easily be hand held for a sharp image at long zoom.

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