Future of Sigma cameras?

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Re: Future of Sigma cameras?

I looked up Sigma on wiki and found: "The company was founded in 1961 by Michihiro Yamaki, who was Sigma's CEO until his death at age 78 in 2012". And "Sigma is the world's largest independent lens manufacturer and is a family-owned business." Very interesting reading. Looks to me like a big, but typical mom and pop shop operation. With all the strengths and weaknesses this entails. Michihiro evidently built up the whole company from scratch and probably was running the whole thing siglehandedly. I heard his son has taken over, is that right? I reckon the company follows dpreview? Just a guess. If not, they should.

Anyway, this must be a time of reflection for the new CEO. I wish him all the best and I am sure the company is reevaluating their whole operation at this point. Especially the camera division. I recommended they include a professional photographer on their team along with a typical consumer. I will expand this to a business analyst.

To me it looks like the successful DP series can become even more successful if it is turned into a system camera with interchangable lenses. It does not make sense to most people and much less photogtaphers to have a whole slew of similar cameras in their bag. Redesign the camera and be prepared for a big success. A mount not specific to Sigma would be an advantage. You have the Foveon, make the most of it!

Then we move on to the DSLR part of the show. The flagship model was initially priced to the high heavens. This did not work, but Sigma had made clear what its ambitions were: to make and market a high end professional camera. The price came down and that was good but it was not enough I'm afraid. I mean the price is ok, but the specs are not. The specs does not have to meet exactly where N and C are, but they have to be comparable and in the same ballpark.

Then it is the consideration that technology is making progress and prices on all high end cameras are coming down. Maybe two DSLR models is enough for Sigma at this point, one pro and one enthusiast. The Foveon is too good for a cheapo. And the lens mount has to be a non-proprietary one. People will always have in the back of their mind that a small camera brand can disappear and their lenses becoming worthless.

PS: I saw an interview with the new Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki and he says: " Currently, we're not planning to make a mirrorless camera, because we're prioritizing support for existing systems, our SD and DP cameras. We have to take care of our existing customers." I understand this is important, but I am sure existing customers would not mind moving on from the DPs to a more versatile system camera .... I think they can probably do both and with success. All the best!

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