My GH3 EVF - a new observation and opinion

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Re: Vision impairments

Francis Carver wrote:

Dphotog wrote:

I'll put it to you this way I sent in my camera. If it comes back the same I'm calling the guy from CES which I have his card (manager) which had the replaced FIXED viewfinder. My friend went to CES knows exactly how my EVF functions took a look at the ones displayed made a pretty loud argument over the EVFs at the panasonic table and none of the workers could fix the evf until a manager came over and DESCRETLY talked to him and showed him his GH3 that had the EVF fixed and quietly told him about the change in the manufacture. Now whether you choose to believe me is entirely up to you. I know the facts I trust my friend whose an avid photographer and I sent in my GH3. You honestly think a company is willing to admit they messed up at the cost of alot of money for them. Not all the EVFs were affected but a good amount of the first batch like mine were. So again I irrtierate you can choose to believe this story or not but I not longer have my GH3. It's to be fixed.

Oh, I believe you, Man. After one reads on the Nikon and Fujifilm threads, this ain't nothing what Panasonic is doing -- I mean, not doing.

None of the JAPANESE COMPANIES will admit to ANY WRONGDOING OR FAULT. EVER. They are too arrogant for that, and it is not in their nature to do so, anyhow.

So, do not expect a wide recall of anything like consumer cameras -- it will simply not happen. And you will never get any apologies, either. Hell, the U.S. government had to fine the Japanese carmakers hundreds of millions of dollars just so they do the product recalls on their defective vehicles (Toyota, Honda, etc).

What the Japanese companies will do, instead, is figure out the problem, and fix it -- but only in the NEXT VERSION of the affected camera. So, the GH4 (or GH5) will most likely have no issues with its EVF.

Well, I have known Canon to acknowledge -- AND REPAIR -- defects.  Their consumer telezoom had an issue where it would perform less well in portrait orientation and after sufficient complaints they recalled the lens.  Clearly Panasonic should do the same with the PZ 14-42 and 45-175 lenses.

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