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bennito42 wrote:

Thanks to all who've replied. I guess it's a matter of improved image quality,, and a matter of life of the 5D. The weight of the 6D is also of consideration if used as a general travel camera,

Couple of points:

- you mentioned that you did not use the 5d too much so in terms of "life of the 5d" you still have a long life for the 5d. the life of a camera is usually measured in terms of # of actuations (around 150,000 cycles for the 5 series) and if you hardly used it, you still have lots of life left. But if you mean that becuase it is old and you want a new one just for the joy of owning a new thing, that's a different story. If you have the budget to spend (like women on shoes and bags) then by all means spend away. Otherwise, you still have lots of life in your 5dc

- If weight is your most important concern, then 6d is lighter than 5dc by about 120g. honestly this weight is so small that most people will not feel the differece in everyday use. I say this becuase i have both the 60d with 17-55 2.8 lens and the 5d3 with the 24-70 2.8. the weight differnce between the 2 is about 0.5 kg or 500 grams. though I can feel a slight difference it does not have much bearing on my everyday use and i am no Arny schwarzenhegger (more like danny devito!).

- yes there is an improved IQ. I don't have the 5dc but I think the noticeable improved IQ will come in when the iso hits about 1600. You might wanna get more on this by reading more or get comments from people who have both. Compare pictures on line and if the new image from 6d is what you want, then, I think, This would be the main reason to get the 6d. the weight becomes the added bonus.

One thing I would not like the 6d (so I got the 5d3 instead) is that 6d is not magnesium alloy body. If 6d housing is similar to the 60d, then after one year the body starts creaking and squeaking when you move it around. When I pick up the 60 esp with a heavier lens, it starts squeaking becuase the plastics become loose, making it feal cheap. the alloy bodies have much more solid feel

chjeers and good luck

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