X-E1 and OMD

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Re: X-E1 and OMD

El Chubasco wrote:

For me the OMD's IBIS is a total deal breaker, it is simpy brilliant. Also, we should remember that OMD is designed to do Video very well, while XE-1 seems to be more directed towards still photography only.

I would switch to XE-1 if it had some stabilization system. I'll wait to see what Fuji develops in the upcoming years.

I own both cameras and have been using and comparing them both daily for almost 2 months now and indeed the OM's IBIS is incredible and one of several factors why if I could only keep one of them the XE-1 would NOT be the one I'd keep. Keep in mind I love my XE-1 but there are too many things important to my style of shooting that are totally lacking in the Fuji product right now. Hopefully that changes in the next version of either the XPro1 or XE-1.  As I said in a similar thread the Olympus EM-5 didn't win camera of the year for no reason.

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