A few thoughts on David Busch's E-M5 Book, and diminished brain capacity.

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A few thoughts on David Busch's E-M5 Book, and diminished brain capacity.

I received David Busch's book on the E-M5 about four weeks ago, and I've managed to read through about 1/3 of it so far.

I have to say that I think David and his co-author Dan Simon have done a really good job of describing and explaining the features and control functions of the E-M5. I've already learned several features about my camera that I wasn't even aware of, and so far I've only encountered a couple minor errors.

Given the complexity and flexibility of this camera, I'm rather impressed that David was able to get this book to market at soon as he did. If you are an E-M5 owner and don't yet have this book, I would highly recommend it -- it covers things the Olympus User Guide doesn't even mention, and what the Olympus Guide does mention is not nearly in as great a detail as David's book.

All this said, this book has made me painfully aware that I am fast approaching my technological saturation limit:-) It's one thing to read about all of the customizable features of the E-M5, and it's another thing to keep them stored in memory for fast access.

I showed David's book to my wife and she was dumbfounded that so much could be written about one camera model. I told her that many years ago, when I was just getting very interested in photography, I purchased Kodak's excellent book, "Guide to 35mm Photography". That book covered pretty much every aspect of photography, including detailed info on cameras, lenses, and what all the settings meant, as well as many pages of photographs and illustrations. That book (about 270 pages) was physically about the same size as David's book (240 pages) on the E-M5:-)

I'm afraid my brain is rapidly approaching the status of my garage. I guess I'll just keep David's book on the table next to my Bible, and try to read it daily -- maybe after reading it through three or four times some of the handy, but more obscure info will stick.

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