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Re: Ehemmmm!

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Laurence Matson wrote:

Roland Karlsson wrote:


  • No advanced video capability

Not true.

(two words just for you)


So - what Foveon based camera has advanced video capability? And to be more specific - what Foveon based camera has full HD video?

None, I would say.

You claim the sensor can do it. So - are there any prototype cameras showing it?

Given how power hungry the chip seems to be, I guess it would be quite warm at 25 FPS.

You are so fussy about how bad or good or whatever your mood is about the technology, so I thought you should just have your fussiness set right. As far as I can tell - and please correct me if I cited your quote wrong - you said the sensor had no advanced video technology. Did I get that right? I see no mention of a camera in your statement, but perhaps I was meant to pick out the letters for "camera" from your statement. In which case, you forgot a word with an "m."

Word games aside, the sensor showed "advanced video capability" at PMA 2004, if I recall correctly. And much to the astonishment of the industry attendees.  If you want, I can probably still find the exact dates and the booth number. Las Vegas. Merrill was there. So was the other guy. And the big boss. I took this then, so there!


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