RX1 or X100s ?

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Re: RX1 or X100s ?

rattymouse wrote:

Lesilent77 wrote:

I'm undecided.

RX1 will beat for sure x100s for IQ but i need to convince myself to spend so many money for it.

I am an 'amateur' photographer and i don't know if a 3000 euros camera will be appropriate for me and my photos...

If you have to ask.....then I think you know the answer.

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I totally agree. It may sound arrogant but if $3k matters to you enough and photography is only a hobby, well, you should know the answer.

The RX1 is for people who want to be the first group of people to own a posh FF compact, and dropping $3k is like buying a jacket or even a couple pairs of shoes. They do not think of long term depreciation of these things, let alone calling any of the toys "investment". Some of these people are serious photographers already own multiple bodies and lenses, may be something already more expensive and higher end. They are willing to spend a lot more on photo gear compared to others with similar income. Do these two group of people sound familiar to you?

Nobody here can do a better judgement than yourself. Many would just tell you to go for whatever more expensive just for the hack of it.

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