Softlighter II Mechanical Question

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Re: Softlighter II Mechanical Question

Sailor Blue wrote:


Good news and good advice.

Bare bulb is even better buy be very careful that the fabric doesn't touch the flash tube or you can melt it or even start a fire. You'll never get the melted/burnt fabric off the flash tube either. Using the Umbrella reflector is safer.


Thanks for the advice.  I've been following your posts, always appreciate your contributions. You seem to be an old, experienced hand with studio lights.  I've got the "old" part down but am limited in the experience department.  From just a little fiddling with my AB 800 and that tight-fitting, bulky softlighter sleeve, there is no way I trust myself to get that sleeve reliably over the bulb without blocking the cooling-vents on the flash head.

Already bought my umbrella reflector, tried it, and it makes a visible improvement in the light pattern on the diffuser.   Also, tried moving the lamp several inches closer to the umbrella with virtually no difference in light pattern.  Larry spoke truth.

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