Planning A Late March Trip To Death Valley

Started Jan 15, 2013 | Discussions thread
calson Veteran Member • Posts: 8,674
Re: Planning A Late March Trip To Death Valley

Death Valley in March can be one of the coldest places in California with the low temperaturs and the high winds. I have seen grapefruit size rocks blowing down the road.

Have some warm clothing and a way to protect your camera gear from the windblow dust. UV or similar filters on the fronts of the lenses would be worth considering. Plastic bags are also good to take including a large trash bag you can put your entire camera bag inside of while driving around.

Usually the winds are strongest in the afternoon and at night so early morning may be better from that aspect for photography. If it is not windy then long timed exposures at night of the stars streaking across the sky can be great.

Lots of moon to work with the last wek of March with a full moon on the 27th.

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