OMD E-M5 Vs G5?

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Re: I'd like to question

Anders W Wrote about the EM-5:

"Well, in M mode, one dial sets aperture and the other sets shutter speed. In any other mode, one dial sets the parameter of that mode (aperture in A mode, shutter speed in S mode, and both simultaneously in P mode) and the other dial sets exposure compensation. In what way is that more confusing than a one-wheel solution where the setting you switch to by clicking the wheel at EC varies depending on which mode you are in, and where, again, M mode works differently than any of the others?"

This is essentially how things work on the G5 as well with the new control lever behind the shutter. In the PAS modes, the thumb dial controls the mode's parameter or program shift in P, and the lever controls EC. In M mode the thumb wheel sets the shutter speed and the control lever the aperture.

I do find this more convenient than having to toggle the control dial to get EC in PAS or aperture in M. It is a real improvement over the G1-G3 bodies.

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