I'm thinking the xrite colorchecker passport is useless after reading this...

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Benefit over other methods?

I'm not knocking the product, I have never used it.  I'm not sure if it would be helpful for me, maybe someone can comment.

I shoot primarily landscapes, nature, architecture and I also volunteer at the animal shelter to photograph dogs available for adoption.  I have a D800, 95% of the time I shoot raw, the other 5 raw+jpg.  I shoot for a hobby and I don't need to submit images to a catalog or magazine.

1. When shooting a landscapes, I'm not always shooting things right in front of me.  I'm assuming I would take a photo of the CCP, then shoot my landscape right?  If when I'm shooting is 2 miles away is that of any benefit?

2. When using a wide angle (14-24 for example), I assume there can be substantial variation in colours between shadows/highlights and across the whole frame.  Does it help in those cases?

3. If I were to use a grey card to better adjust the white balance, how much extra benefit would the CCP provide?

4. If I use the WB adjustment tool in LR4, and find a black area of the image to make the adjustment, how much better would the CCP do?

5. If people create some standard presets such as full sun, shade, tungsten, etc.  Can I just download those profiles somewhere for a D800?  Are these shared anywhere?  Might be all I need as a starting point for other adjustments.

Thanks for the feedback.

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