Sensor clean - Copper hill questions

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Re: Sensor clean - Copper hill questions

With my wedding photography I often would be cleaning the sensors on a weekly basis on my cameras. The best for a FX size sensor are the Visible Dust V-swabs. Their triangular shape keeps the sides from hitting the insides of the camera's light box. Along with a bottle of Eclipse cleaning solution you are good to go. I have used several other cleaning solutins including those from Visible Dust and the Eclipse is best at not leaving behind any residue.

A useful accessory is a magnifying scope with LED lights but it is a nice to have and not a need to have. Shoot a blank area like open sky at f11 and look for dust, clean, reshoot.

This whole kit is less than the cost of shipping your camera out to be cleaned and it is something you can do while traveling too.

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