Nikon service refusing warranty repair ... can I pay now and dispute later?

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Re: Nikon service refusing warranty repair ... can I pay now and dispute later?

Actually, I work in retail. So I know what good customer service is.

I've been using Nikon products since the '70's. They have served me extremely well and have been pretty much maintenance free. I did however, put my finger through the shutter of an FA once. But that's another story.

All of these threads claiming Nikon service sucks really puts a terrific damper on an otherwise good Company that's been around for almost a century.

I feel people's frustration when they bring a $2000 piece of equipment that they have been babying in for an apparent malfunction. Nikon then proceeds to take the Corporate "low road" and finds excuses such as "impact damage" or "user negligence" just to avoid warranty work. I find this inexcusable and contrary to acceptable business practices. What good is a 5 year warranty when Nikon challenges one's word that it is indeed a manufacurer's defect? And now to read all the complaints about bad AF on the D800 and dirt/oil on the D600 while Nikon remains mute and photographers (pro/amatuer) twist in the wind.

I'm starting to think Nikon is trying to commit Corporate suicide. The funny thing is that what used to be simple is so damn hard these days. My favorite brush with Nikon service was at Melville, L.I. My F-4s (remember those?) was exposing way out of whack. Living in N.J. I drove out to the service center and asked for help. A technician took my camera and returned 10 minutes later. It appeared that the shutter had a defect of some sort. Nikon replaced the shutter (way out of warranty, BTW) for FREE. They sent my camera back to me via the USPS in less than a week. Try that today.

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