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SigmaChrome wrote:

mike earussi wrote:

Richard Franiec wrote:

I'm puzzled. What sigma is doing with Foveon sensor refinement is rather exemplary. What is lacking (in my view) is mainly (lackluster) performance on processing and utility side, including SPP.

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Granted, and we'd all like to see those areas improved. But even fixed they wouldn't solve the underlying limitations of the chip technology regarding poor low light/high iso performance, especially the purple/green blotches in the shadows. The only cure for that (if possible at all) is lots of R&D which none of us are sure Sigma actually has the resources for.

Are you sure the Foveon has to be a "low light//high iso performance" sensor? Can't it just be what it is? Or does it have be exactly the same as its Bayer competition?

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The low ISOs I can live with, but not the purple/green blotches in the shadows. I shoot a lot of night shots and even at iso 50 on my SD15 the skies are horrible. If they were just noisy with a uniform color that would be fine and something that could be corrected using NR in PS. But no amount of noise reduction will eliminate purple/green blotches, it just smooths them over a bit but they're still very noticeable. IMHO this is the biggest problem the Foveon chip has.

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