Vari-ND and Cir-Pl

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ropausa wrote:

ropausa wrote:

Steve Balcombe wrote:

ropausa wrote:

The Heliopan High Transmission CPL loses less light then all other polarizers, including the Hoya HD. Just 0ne stop light loss.

This is actually not true. It's a myth which has spread due to a badly-translated press release from Heliopan - which actually claimed an impossible filter factor.

But the Heliopan is as good as the Hoya HD.

Have you actually seen and measured the filter factor with the new Heliopan? I own the filter as well as older ones so I can see the difference.

Yes I have measured it and it is a one stop light loss. And no I don't have a Hoya but I do have both the High Transmission Heliopan and the slim Heliopan CPL. Both with SH-PMC coating, the only way the High Transmission is available. Why don't you go to a store and see the Heliopan, if you are near one tha sells Heliopan. And, should you compare results you will find the Heliopan SH-PMC are better then a Hoya, especially obvious with very long lenses.

You do realise, don't you, that a one stop light loss would be a "perfect polariser"? It can't be so.

I don't have a local stockist so that's not an option, but I do realise how good Heliopans are, in fact I have one of their multicoated ND filters. No quibble at all about the quality, just the filter factor.

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