I wanted to share something beautiful with all of you.

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Re: I wanted to share something beautiful with all of you.

samjstern wrote:


The LAST roll of Kodachrome.

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My God. The last roll of Kodachrome in the world! I actually felt tearful toward the end of that piece.

As Steve McCurry says, I literally loaded thousands of rolls of the stuff through many cameras over a lifetime. Original Kodachrome. Kodachrome 25, 50, 64, 200. I now realize how much I took it for granted, and how odd it must have been for him to know that he was handling the last roll in existence.

How could such a thing be? The last roll? How could this material which literally proved the existence of the world itself, reality, cease to be?

Up until the mid 90s if anyone had suggested that we could reach such a moment, I would have dismissed that as the most absurd idea possible. Kodachrome not exist? Kodak not exist? Yeah, right! When the Universe itself blinks out, then Kodak won't exist.

I would have said, "Kodak is existence. It has always been and will always be. It's the most sound company in the world. Nothing is more certain than that."

And yet, here we are.


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