Should I buy a D7100 or a D700? (Caution - lengthy)

Started Dec 17, 2012 | Questions thread
calson Veteran Member • Posts: 8,505
Re: Should I buy a D7100 or a D700? (Caution - lengthy)

For low light photography the D700 will provide faster autofocus and less noise though in actual practice noise is not that much of a problem when photographing athletic events. Skin tones may be off but who notices? AF performance in terms of speed and accuracy are important. If you cannot get the individual in the frame because of slow autofocus you will not be happy.

The downside of the D700 is the lack of cropping with a telephoto lens. Take a 80-200mm f2.8 on the D700 and it provides a "normal" range of picture angles for that range of focal lengths but on a DX crop type of camera it becomes a 120-300mm f2.8 lens that is better for sports photography.

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