My GH3 EVF - a new observation and opinion

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GH3 Acquisition Blues

jalywol wrote:

If you are so frustrated with the GH3 specs and current short supply, why not just get something else?

Now, don't you go and keep on planting nifty ideas in my brain, ya' hear!?

Looks like tonite you an get a GH3 from Samys Camera -- the body itself, not the accessories, that is.

But I guess I'm going to be waiting until I see some sort of a FIRMWARE UPDATE RELEASE from the manufacturer. Hopefully by then, the GH3's OLED EVF issue will have also been fixed-up. Well, maybe not.

Multiple posters in response to your questions have suggested reasonable methods of acquiring the GH3.

I guess you can BUY ONE or STEAL ONE. With the first acquisition option, nothing out there was available until this evening, when someone had posted a new thread, in which Samys Camera says they have one or perhaps more in stock.

Why, what do you know about all this that we little people don't?

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