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Re: JPEGs are less sharpened than the RAWs

David McGaughey wrote:

Chris Dodkin wrote:

There has been a lot of discussion recently because of the CaptureOne release, around in-camera JPEG vs various RAW conversions.

I did the following tests with all 3 prime lenses back in the summer - comparing out of camera JPEG from the X-Pro1, with files converted from RAW using ACR into Photoshop CS6. The JPEGs were with the default camera settings for sharpness etc - seeing as default seems to be the theme of the day.

The results are as I'd expected, but do go against some people's preconceptions around the 'ultimate' quality of the Fuji JPEG files

All of these are 100% crops

I brought the 35mm and 60mm shots into Photoshop and added some "smart sharpen" to just the JPEGs.....they sharpen up nicely and look as crisp as the RAWs. The RAWs can't take any more sharpening without getting weird looking.

The JPEGs are using the default in-camera JPEG sharpening - no adjustments or PP have been applied.

You can of course adjust sharpening to taste on both JPEG and processed RAW - doing sharpening during RAW conversion will generally provide a higher quality of sharpened output that sharpening a JPEG.

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