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marike6 wrote:

Paul Lim wrote:

Here is 1 pic taken with the V1.

Hope you like the pic & thanks..


Only curve has been apllied & resized with fast stone.

The image looks very good, and is in line with the output I'm getting from my V1. I shoot NEF and convert with LR4, and on the whole I've been very happy with the V1 output (I had a J1 previously so I was aware how good the IQ of the 1 cameras was).

I've also owned the LX7 and X10. The V1 destroys the LX7 for IQ and AF speed, both in single shot, and AF focus tracking. High ISO is about 1 EV better with the V1.

The Fuji X10 has the better IQ between it and the LX7. It has the best low-light/high ISO out of any compact other than the Sony RX100 (which has a 1" sensor just like the V1).

Between the X10 and the V1 IQ is closer, but still I'd still give the V1 the edge for better high ISO performance. DR is out equal, but note I that I rarely used EXR mode on the X10. Colors I would have to give a slight edge to the X10, but I'm a fan of Fuji colors. It's not to say that the V1 colors are bad. Quite the contrary, they are excellent. But Fuji colors to my eyes are the best in the business. Nikon NEFs are much easier to process (that is they work better with popular RAW converters like Lightroom) than Fuji RAF. Many users have complain of softness and difficulty getting Fuji RAWs to look as good as in-camera converted JPEGs. So simpler workflow is one reason to prefer the V1. To me the cameras a so different that it's hard to choose. For example the V1 is way more versatile in that you can mount longer, telephoto zooms or the fast 18.5 1.8. On the other hand, the X10 is complete package that's does it's thing extremely well.

I will be buying the X20 for sure, but as a Nikon D800 user, there is no way I'd give up my V1 as the ability to share lenses with my DSLR is important to me. The V1 is also an excellent video camera with sharp, near-moire free footage that has great colors and sound.

Anyway, I see nothing at all wrong with the image you posted. It's quite nice. Good luck, Markus

Thank you Markus for the feedback.What I like in the V1 is the speed & fast AF,so I think I,ll keep the camera,the bad is it has no buit in flash . I think the basic lenses are not to good for lowlight shooting,so a fast lens is a must if you want to take advantage of this camera. So I,m saving now in my piggy bank for a flash & a fast lens .Lucky some of you guys can permit to have so many cameras.

IMO the pic that I posted do have nice colour & the IQ is quite good..but sometimes I do get weird colours if the object is far away & in dim light.

My 1 choice camera was the X10..but I ended up buying the V1.Maybe my next camera will be the fuji X40...just like you I love fuji colours.Will see you in the fuji forum with your new X20.


Paul Lim

Resized & pp with faststone.

Another pic taken with the V1..hope you like it.

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