Newie Question: Jupiter- occluded moon?

Started Jan 16, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Newie Question: Jupiter- occluded moon?

Pretty nice for a first try.

The orbital periods of those moons are in hours, not days, so they are constantly changing configuration. You can sometimes witness 2 or more occultation events in one observation session. It's very common for the moons to pass in front of or behind Jupiter, or come in or out of it's shadow, but moon/moon mutual events are very rare. You probably didn't capture one of those in this image. You nearly resolved two moons but their images should be quite a bit smaller. There may be a slight focus error or camera motion that bloated them a little.

If you cut way back on the exposure you might be able to record a band or two on Jupiter's disk. Another thing to try for is a moon going into or out of eclipse.

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