Capture One RAW to OOC Jpeg (hopefully LR soon) comparisons

Started Jan 16, 2013 | Discussions thread
JimG Regular Member • Posts: 127
Re: Capture One RAW to OOC Jpeg (hopefully LR soon) comparisons

I have a question for you regarding conversions (not trying to argue just asking):

DPR has it's reference image for testing cameras and when they did the conversion of that image in C1 for their review of C1 and X-Trans, the really fine detail of the engraved woman's face at the end of the article was full of a jagged pattern (moire artifacts?). Was that due to an issue with processing X-Trans RAW files or was it due to user error with the settings?

If it is just the way it is, that begs the question, how often can that happen since landscape work is full of minute details?

I'm interested in the camera and primarily prefer working with RAW images so I am concerned when there is so much controversy over RAW conversions.


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