GH2 generic battery: safe buy?

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Re: GH2 generic battery: safe buy

Francis Carver wrote:

s_grins wrote:

You can buy generic batteries, and I'm happy that you can. Having choice is a god thing. Enjoy your choice.

Buying a generic battery for a Panasonic Lumix camera might indeed be an excellent choice -- maybe the only choice. Considering that buying an "authentic" Panasonic Lumix battery entails something like this hustle:

I ordered a spare battery nearly 3 months ago for my Panasonic GH2, but it still hasn't arrived. The supplier says there's still no available stock in UK. Third-party batteries may not be as good, but at least they're available...

Friend of mine will not even look at any digital camera -- unless the thing runs on 2x or 4x AA batteries instead of a proprietary battery. I can now begin to see why.

I mean, what is the actual utility value of a camera, any camera, for which it is a regular hustle to get a simple battery?

Well Francis, have them in stock, and if you're in the US, so do I ordered one from Amazon here in the UK a few weeks ago and it arrived two days later - no problem. And they are now less than 30 quid. I would like to defend the manufacturers a little. A camera is a sensitive and expensive piece of equipment. The manufacturer has no control over the quality of third party batteries and if one ruins a camera how would they know whether it was their original or an after-market one?

I do have one generic battery for my GH2, but I only keep it as a reserve backup to my 3 Panasonic ones. With those the camera not only displays the bars, but warns you when you are low on juice. The generic one just cuts out with no warning. You can say this is just a result of Pany's policy, but really I don't blame them. If they control manufacture they can build in the protective circuitry that is needed - with a generic you just don't know.

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