I would really appreciate ur critique. Thanks

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Re: I would really appreciate ur critique. Thanks

Randyflycaster wrote:

TedgFoto wrote:

The biggest overall tip I can give you is to shoot in better light. You shot in really harsh mid-day sun. It's the worst time to shoot photography. It washes out color, and creates heavy shadows. You want to be shooting in the hour before and after sunrise or sunset, ideally. Next, I would make an attempt to shoot more interesting subject matter. Nothing you shot is really all that interesting. I don't really have any comments on a picture in particular. I would spend some time on 500px looking at the photography that shows up at the top of the popular feed. It's a continual lesson on what makes good photography.

Sorry if that was a bit harsh, but it's the only way we learn!

May I ask what 500px is?



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