XF1 image quality: DPR Test Scene (!)

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Re: XF1 image quality: DPR Test Scene (!)

Trevor G wrote:

RStyga wrote:

Has anyone seen the DPR test scene of this camera?

Yes, it's the same as any X or EXR series camera.

EXR sensors produce best results in M size. Everyone shoots test images in L size.

If you download an L size RAW file and process it in RFC/Silkypix (the bundled software) it can look better than the in-camera JPEG in a number of areas, and better than the "default settings" images dpreview post in their tests.

Could anyone help me out here (a response from DPR would be great)?

They are too busy to talk to ordinary people.

Unless you can find a way to show that their methodology is wrong. They still won't believe it, though, and they probably won't respond except in their own defence.

Take the current article by Richard Butler on X-Trans RAW processing by ACR and Capture One. They still haven't got it right, still can't do it as well as RFC/Silkypix, but Richard still won't mention that RFC does a better job because, like most reviewers used to adobe products, he hates Silkypix with a passion.

There are a lot of good reasons to hate SIKLYPIX.

Unfortunate, but true.

Nonsense.  The more bashing SILKYPIX gets in public, the more chances that FUJIFILM will pull this piece of crapware.

What's worse, it looks like a racial reaction as much as anything, because dpreview always condescendingly mock some of the language that Silkypix use in their interface. It's still in every review they write...

Well done DPR.  And virtually EVERY other journalist review of this piece of crapware.

Shame, really.

What is shameful is constant shilling.

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