A return to fixed 50mm (or 35mm) lenses as kit lenses?

Started Jan 16, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: A return to fixed 50mm (or 35mm) lenses as kit lenses?

The progress goes in other directions. Compared to the tired 28-84/3.5-5.6 equivalent, kit lenses become wider and longer (like 18-135 for many APS-C, or 12-50 for Oly E-M5), or faster, for example, 16-50/2.8 in a kit with Sony A77, or 18-55/2.8-4 with Fuji E-X1, or even 3.5-4.5 kits with some FF cameras.

And it is going to become a norm. So many people just use the kit lenses with 1" to APS-C sized sensors. And at 3x and 3.5-5.6 they just don't make any sense compared to the little RX100. 4x f/1.8-f/4.9 sounds much more useful, isn't it? Especially if it collapses to a tiny pancake. That is what a kit lens should be. Or better.

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