imac and lightroom 4 problem - how is aperture - thoughts

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Re: imac and lightroom 4 problem - how is aperture - thoughts

I've used Aperture for a few years but thought I'd make the switch to Lightroom when I got it as part of my Adobe Production Premium that include Lightroom and Photoshop.

After watching hours of tutorials from Adobe, Scott Kelby, and, I'm about to move back to Aperture.  As soon as possible, in fact.

Here's what I hate about Lightroom.

  • It's got so many pieces that nothing is a quick, fast, anything.
  • Adobe Lightroom has horrible integration with social media.  I've purchased add ons from developers and getting photos into a Facebook wall, for example, can't happen according to Jeffrey Friedl because Facebook hasn't released an API.  Really?  Aperture's integration to Facebook is seamless.  
  • I've probably spent about thirty dollars in add-ons for Facebook, Picasa, etc and it's always multiple steps to get things done.
  • Even more trying is how to open up images in different apps.  In Lightroom I can set up one app - so I choose Photoshop.  But I've got onOne Software Perfect Photo Suite, Topaz, Nik Software, Pixelmator.  Getting an image to open seamlessly in those apps is yet another multi-step effort.

Because there's such a big sell by Adobe gurus like Scott Kelby on the virtues of Lightroom, you're led to believe it's an amazing app.

It's not.

If Apple only had a great instructor like Adobe digital imaging evangelist Julianne Kost -- she's an amazing instructor with the best tutorials -- the world would switch to Aperture.


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