Panasonic gx1 or Olympus E-PL5? Backup to OMD

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Re: Do you need fail-safe redundancy?

Teru Rinshou wrote:

Corkcampbell wrote:

Why would you buy a lesser camera for a backup? Makes no sense. I often carry two OM-Ds; they are light and I don't need to learn two of anything.

From a Disaster Recovery scenario, I can appreciate the purpose of having an identical camera for a back-up, but unless the OP is going on a mission-critical photo assignment, I think going with a “lesser” camera is the norm. And in the case of the OP’s 2 choices, the image quality between the OM-D and his alternates is nearly negligible for portraits and street photography.

If I had to choose between the GX1 and the E-PL5, I’d go with the latter, because if you’re like me and you prefer Oly’s image processing engine, the E-PL5 with give practically identical results as your OM-D.

Food for thought: when I travel, my main camera is either my D700 or E-PL1 (depending on photo requirements and mass concerns) and my backup is a Panasonic ZS-3. Naturally the Pany can’t produce the same level of quality as either of my mains, but it’s compact and light, and has the bonus of having a zoom that goes up to 300mm. I can’t tell you how many times my ZS-3 made tele-shots that I would have missed because I had to swap lenses on my main camera.

And if all else fails, I still have my Sony Xperia phone.

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Thanks for all the comments! Actually is just a photo vacation so no critical documentary mission. the idea of the backup is to have another camera better then the phone if something happens... And of course an excuse to get more equipment,,excuses are always good.

i don't have any preference between both jpg engines since I tweak everything in Lightroom.

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