Wed C&C (No Theme) Thread, Ed. 247 January/16/2013

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A Personal Note..

Well last weeks no C&C thread and as I'm also aware of the troubles lately, I propose: let starts it up again as it would be a pity that such a nice and important and well visited thread will die due to the abcense of an OP and maybe Claus will come back one day, I don't know but, I find it hard to believe he stops this without a reason.

Anyway, I will start it up for now untill we find one or two others who are willing to lead this important weekly thread as a tandem or just one who like to commit himself/herself for let say half a year to be the OP. Lets rotated the OP function after that if there is enough interest.

An other point: I did not have myself beloved to some due to some statements I made from time to time and I am aware of that but, this threads doesn't count about me it is all about photography in all it's aspects and that's what counts. Also I'm not here to comment on all contributions, I am only one you and thus one of the contributers and will act by the existing rules of this thread as everybody else.

This thread has a long story and is well known for it's sometimes unsalted critics and prais all meant to help each other to improve there images on a strictly personal opinion and that is a great thing.

Well as long as our Olympus forum is alive let's take care all together that this thread is present and alive.

I don't know how the achieve section works but, maybe Roel can enlighten that part.

So for now I am being your host untill someone feels called to take this out of my hands and continue this weekly C&C thread.

Cheers Lou

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