So, I'm jumping this wagon. Any advice?

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Re: So, I'm jumping this wagon. Any advice?


Yeah, this combo rocks. But even though Zooms are cumbersome, I feel I might need to get one for the occasional video, and shooting some events where changing lenses just isn't really an option. I will check out the other you mentioned. Seems like tho focal length would be very useful indeed. I did have the 24-70L zoom on my Canon, so the weight is'nt something that concerns me.

Thanks for the heads up on exposure by the way. I'll shoot some scenes tomorrow and see if this fits in most situations. At the moment, comparing the photos uploaded on computer and checking the LCD on the camera, it would seem that the cameras screen is not that reliable when judging exposure. Lucky theres a histogram.

Concerning the Samyang mentioned here, does Nikon have diffrent focusing screens? Is the DOF limited to 2.8 in the viewfinder?

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