My GH3 EVF - a new observation and opinion

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Disappointing GH3?

Pete Berry wrote:

First, it's 4/3 view is significantly smaller than the GH1-2's EVF's, by virtue of being a crop of it's native 16:9 format rather than native 4:3. This computes to a 25% dimension decrease on each axis, and was striking to me on first comparison look. And not as detail rich due to smaller size. But in comparison to the OMD's relatively tiny one, it's still pretty big!

Next, it's color rendition simply doesn't "do" reds - all are shades of orange, with the secondary problem of lack of red being blue purple/violets - GH1-2 much more accurate color-wise. The GH3 does excel in contrast and saturation though. Am I the only one with a significant color problem - which, incidentaly was barely affected with the EVF color controls. Am I the only one who sees this color problem?

All-in-all disappointing, but with all the rest the GH3 brings to the table, not a killer.


Wow, Pete, thanks! That sounds pretty bad, I mean, having so much SMALLER of an EVF than its 2 predecessors, talk about cutting corners and saving the almighty yen, huh?

Correct me if I am wrong, but Panasonic claims that GH3's EVF is OLED instead of LCD, correct? And that how much better for colors and black OLED is than lowly LCD. So, your observation about reds being orange is all the more stunning. I guess I'll stick with LCDs for a while longer.

Other issues (I do not yet have the GH3, since they are not presently available for purchase anywhere, at least not in No. America).

I tried to look for the firmware version and seeing how to update to the firmware, but saw nothing whatsoever for firmware updates and firmware downloads for the GH3 at the camera's support page. Maybe I did not look for it at the right place? What firmware is in these things now, anyhow? Still something pre-pre that does not start with the number 1?

Meanwhile, even though the camera is not yet shipping in numbers, initial technical problems with it are beginning to be reported. Such as the "blurry" OLED EVF, in addition to the issues you have raised with it.

Another thing I just found out, even though the GH3 has "Extended ISO Mode" that starts at 125 ISO and goes up to 25,600 ISO, in video mode the lowest ISO setting available is still 200 ISO. That is pretty high for certain applications. The GH2 could at least got down to 160 ISO, I believe. I started shooting on 25 ASA(ISO) movie film, and then wen I went up to 64 ASA(ISO), that was already considered pretty sensitive. And 100 ASA(ISO) was considered for interior use. So, 200 ISO minimum sensitivity in the GH3 -- way too high in my opinion. Need to break out the ND filters now and again, particularly when you are shooting video at 1/50th of a second shutter speeds in sun-drenched beaches, in the desert, or on the ski slopes. Unless you want to shoot at F16 and F22 aperture, which is something I do not like. Hate to drop below F8-F11.

Also, I was shocked to learn that the GH3 does not have focus peaking for manual focus shooters. Why the heck not, when for example the $550 Fujifilm FinePix HS50 EXR bridge-cam has it? For manually focusing shooters, peaking assist is a great add-on. Here is Panny's own explanation as to the WHY part, BTW:

We are aware that many customers want this feature. Due to time constraints during the development schedule it could not be included.

Hey, Panny: Since the camera is still not shipping in large numbers, so this here is your chance to go back and fix these little things with it.  

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