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I hope GH3 does not have SONY sensor.

As far as I remember, Penax K-5 was the first camera with new backlit SONY sensor, when banding was reported. Now E-M5 that presumably has similar SONY sensor, has the sames banding issue.

I prefer a bit less less of DR as a measure against banding.

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GH3 manual has in troubleshooting section:

Stripes may appear in high ISO sensitivity or depending on the lens you use.
-> Decrease the ISO sensitivity. (P134)

Seems like the same issue as with the OM-D.

Don't count on a firmware update

It's an issue with the 20mm 1.7 and something to do with EMF noise from the focusing motor - it's no a sensor problem and not a firmware fixable problem.

It's a sensor problem since it appears only in cameras with the newest sensor(s): E-M5, latest PENs, GH3. It is not due to noise from the focusing motor since the motor is not active during either sensor readout or exposure.

I have a GH3 and a 20mm 1.7 and don't have any banding issues with this lens and high ( 3200 and higher) ISO.

The severity of the problem is known to vary from one copy of the camera to another and/or from one copy of the lens to another. Panasonic has officially recognized (in the camera manual) that the problem is there with the GH3 too.

During focusing with this lens banding can be clearly seen even in the VF when the motor is whiring away.

Yes, both I and others have sometimes seen this with the E-M5 too. For reasons that I have already pointed out, that still does not show that the AF motor is the culprit. What the likely culprit might be (e.g., the voltage regulator on the lens PCB) is discussed at length in this thread:

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