RX-100: my best JPEG setup. What is yours?

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RX-100: my best JPEG setup. What is yours?

Hello there my fellow enthusiast friends.

As with many of you, I was very excited with the announcement os the Sony RX-100. I was using a Canon S100 by then and I was pleased with the overall pictures (specially the colors), but upset with the defective focus (slow and decentered).

I bought the RX-100 about two months ago and it is an amazing enegeering machine, as all of you might know already...

I hate post-processing so JPEGs are essential to me. On Auto mode, I found the colors very cold, dark and without life. A big difference from my S100.

After extensive trial and error I found my pefect setup (many of the purists may not like, lol):

- P mode

- Creative Style: Landscape (always)

- Contrast: -3

- Saturation: 0

- Sharpening: 0 (sometimes +1, great details, but darker images on shadows)

- AWB with A1 color (a point to the right - amber)

- DRO Auto

With my setup

on Auto Mode

Please share your thoughts and setups, I would really appreciate!!

Bruno Z

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