A77 flash overexposure problems: hypothesis

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Re: A77 flash overexposure problems: hypothesis

LSHorwitz1 wrote:

My point here is that the overexposure issue, if it is indeed related to limited ability of the flash to limit its output, only happens to some people despite the fact that they are using the same a77/a65 and Sony flash combinations which others use without any problems. If the algorithm used in the camera is indeed flawed, it should affect everyone.

Similarly, the gross 5 EV overexposures happen entirely at random as far as I can tell.

The same shot using a tripod taken 5 times produces random exposures including an occasional 5EV overexposure.

In the couple of examples that I have, I don't think that this is the case. I have two sequences whereby the camera has apparently selected the correct flash output, but the wrong exposure settings.

In the first sequence it is Auto ISO at fault. I have a couple of good shots where a low ISO (I think 200) is selected, the next is badly over exposed where ISO 1600 is selected (other settings the same) and then back to good shots at lower ISO.

In the second sequence it is the aperture at fault. ISO is fixed, and P mode used. Several shots correctly exposed with a stopped down lens, then one wide open and badly over exposed, then back to good stopped down exposures.

In both cases the exposure looks like it would be correctly exposed if the ISO/aperture had been set as the previous/following shots.

I am convinced this is some kind of firmware bug, although cannot fathom why the Metz would resolve this.

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