Renting a Nikon AF-S 300mmF/2.8 VRII versus a 300mmF/2.8 VR1 vs. 300mm F4.0

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Re: Renting a Nikon AF-S 300mmF/2.8 VRII versus a 300mmF/2.8 VR1 vs. 300mm F4.0

Thanks Mikenoble.

I have found a place where I can rent the 300mm f4 so I'm now considering that and using it with the 1.4. I could also rent the 300 2.8 from the same place so that is an option- I'm just a little nervous about its weight- taking in on the plane  and carrying it around.    Do you think the 2.8 is that much better than the 4 especially when used with a teleconverter.   I know it has the extra stop and is a better lens in general but I'm wondering if it is that much better when considering the weight.


mikenoble wrote:

I don't think that lens is any better then the Nikon 80-400mm. If that's what your options are down to I'd say go with the 70-200mm and the tc2.0eIII. I don't know anything about Costa Rica photography trips and how agile you have to be but if it allows you to setup on a tripod I wouldn't give up on the 300mm f/2.8. Of all this stuff you are only talking 3 extra pounds. If you're hiking with it in a backpack it's not very heavy. Mounting it on a tripod isn't hard to do either. But if you have to be at the ready and carrying your kit in your hands then the 70-200mm+tc is the way to go.

mfouks wrote:

Thanks for your feedback Robin. I think you are right- I don't really even know the D800 well when it comes to nature photography. It was just an idea because I think that the Canon and 100-400 would be a better match for me when it comes to nature photography.


The issue would be getting familiar enough with the camera that you can use it easily under demanding circumstances. You don't want to be spending those great shot moments trying to figure out how to set the camera properly for that shot.

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