"same old question" in a diff way- Has anyone NOT had a problem with sensor dust issue in the D600 .

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Re: Lots of it

DVSteve wrote:

I now have around $170 in cleaning supplies for it, with a loupe on the way. Most of my photos are taken outside, and it is generally sunny/blue skies for most of the year. After my latest cleaning, which resulted in a spot-free sensor at f22, I popped a lens back on & went out and shot about 25 shots. I had spots again after about the 10th frame, and that was at f5.6.

I've tried machine gunning 100 shots or so to see if that would help dislodge any extra oil or contaminants, but that was obviously not enough. As it stands right now, I have to wet clean my sensor every single time I want to take it out and shoot something. That doesn't bother me & I can live with it, but I simply can't live with a clean sensor at the beginning of the day & a truly spotty one at the end of the day (no lens changes). Fixing a few spots here or there in PS is one thing, but having to remove spots from every single shot is a bit too much. I'm dreading going out somewhere for more than a day, because that will mean having to clean the sensor in the field, which would be far from dust-free.

I personally would be irate if I had to clean the sensor every single time I went out and shot - But it seems you don't mind, so to each their own!!!

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