580EX II Speedlite or YN-568EX + YN-622C

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Re: 580EX II Speedlite or YN-568EX + YN-622C

Hi, While I like Canon Wireless Light/IR type, I would opt for the 622C solution if possible.

I use Odins (& mainly old Canon 550Exs), but the general feedback about 622Cs so far is positive provided you thoroughly check for optimum compatibility between the 622Cs and their attached Speedlites. Bear in mind 1) the absence of a USB port on the 622Cs & 2) there are already rumours of a Yn trigger offering remotely adjusted M power fractions by Group (?no ETTL).

The 622Cs rely on your cam's flash menu for FEC and M power settings - remember that the latter (remotely adjusted M flash) is just as important as ETTL with FEC adjustment. For instance if your 430 is of the 'pre-II' variety, do you lose remote M power fraction setting?

But provided you get the compatibility issues nailed, the reliability of RF comms plus the useability of not needing near 'line of sight' for the control and triggering is a significant step - letting you concentrate more on your subject. Happy chosing! Donald

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