ZS19 - My thoughts after 3 weeks

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Re: ZS19 - My thoughts after 3 weeks

Erik Ohlson wrote:

I'm curious why you may not have family faces properly sharp.

Just a suggestion - is it possible you are in more of a hurry to get the right expression when taking such shots?

It's a VERY good idea to press the shutter in two steps; first 1/2 way to get the focus and then finally to get the actual shot. It's easy to remember when carefully exposing a landscape, but also easy to forget & just press the button on something like active kids. My wife does this.

I have better luck by holding at the 1/2 way point for often quite some time, and my ZS19 is the easiest camera to do this with that I have found. My ZS3 was very hard to hold at 1/2 press.


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Its not that they are bad, (my family think they are sharp enough but they aren't comparing to other photos like I do) just not on a par with say the clarity and sharpness in the people photo in this post . Lots of my shots are taken at a similar zoom and the ZS19 to me just cannot compete with a larger camera like the FZ200 or similar. So its a give and take and you accept for the convenience of a small pocket camera.

Your right I aim and fire when a shot arises and I try very hard to be smooth. I also will set up in the 5 shot burst mode with AF. I am just pointing out that there are limitations to what a camera this size can achieve especially on a cloudy overcast day.

You are right about the ease of this camera for a half press especially with AF tracking on. My Canon SX 100 was awful.

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