Tablet app with support for Olympus-RAWs.

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Re: Some puzzles about photo mate

pegasus1457 wrote:


..this extension is currently not working with the current version. It will work with the next update.
Photo Mate just reads embedded jpg-data like any other app. And this extension will allow it to decode the actual raw data to get more information from the file.
Please don't buy this extension now. Wait until the new version is released and check the "Extension".

Does anyone have any idea what he is talking about?

As already said above there is a JPG embedded in each ORF file, just as in any raw format file I have worked with. It is small and compressed and using it for any kind of editing is only for somebody not caring about the results...

You can easily confirm this for yourself: Set your camera to shoot raw and raw only. Take an image. Now set the camera to raw plus JPG (large fine quality) and take the same image once again. Review the images and zoom in to check you nailed the focus in each of them.


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