Rules on cell phone challenges - input requested

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Re: Rules on cell phone challenges - input requested

barb_s wrote:

Hi all,

For variety, I thought I'd do a few cell phone challenges. My original thought was that we all carry a cell phone, so let's see some serious pictures we might take with phones. We all know it won't be the same quality as our cameras but phones are handy, and I enjoy entering ConanFuji's phone challenges so I thought others here may also like the fun of using their phones in light hearted competition as well.

When it came to rules, I thought phones are simple, so let's keep it simple - what you take is what you should l enter, no editing.

But I was asked abut cropping, and after some thought, I am planning a rule addition. After all, our best work form our cameras is usually touched up before entering anyway so why prevent it for this set of challenges? I do want to allow file size reduction regardless of image editing but I'm now thinking of allowing these:



minimal post processing (color tweaks, sharpening, highlighting, etc)

I also think a phone challenge may attract the photographer without equipment and software, who might only be able to email a photo to the site for entry. Would allowing editing as stated discourage this type of entrant?

Comments are welcome, thanks!

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Please do not make the assumption that "We all carry a cell phone" as I have no desire to have one at all - nor do i need one.

I won't be entering your challenge.

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