Yet another tripod question...

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Semi-useful answer below

I have a huge Benbo 2 tripod. It extends to eight feet, and has an extraordinary leg system that lets it fit almost anywhere that's big enough.

The center column can be on all sorts of angles, and I've found it handy for putting the tripod over a table and pointign the camera straight down. Works great at copying flat things.

A company clled Uni-Loc makes similar tripods.

The B&H page will show you several other Benbo models, all smaller.

The physics involved in a horizontal bar that's extended a considerable distance with a camera hanging on the end mans vibration is likely unless things are really solid. My big tripod is.

But if you do not extend the column too far from the center, even the small Trekkers are very good.

For many people, the importance of a tripod is in holding the camera in position, for control over framing. I does not have to be really solid; just hold the camera where you want it.

Solid matters in the dark, of course, but is less important taking a flower shot at 1/60.


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