Future of Sigma cameras?

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I think they need to target specific markets for effectively...

The problem with the SD1/Merril for me is that it doesnt seem to really be targetted effectly at one market.

In terms of low ISO image quality it looks to have an advanatge over other ASPC sized bodies but the SD1's size and price are putting it in competision with the D800 which is doesnt have as clear an IQ advanatge(if one at all) and lacks many features.

The DP1M and DP2M's seem to be selling much better and I think the reason for that is obvious, they target the same high resolution market but do so with a much smaller and cheaper body making them a nice option for either those who cannot afford something like the D800 or want a very small second camera that can offer high end IQ.

I'd say Sigma would be better off taking the same direction on either a new SLR or a mirrorless system, that is offer the same sensor but in a lower spec body thats smaller/cheaper than its FF rivals. There are clearly areas were camera operation could and should be improved BUT I think its asking alot for Sigma to every compete with Canon, Nikon and Sony, maximising their advantage in low ISO IQ agenst there rivals by offering it in a smaller/cheaper package seems a much better option.

The alternative could I spose me to try and create a FF foveon SLR that could do more to justify a prenium price although they would likely need more lenses of the quality of the new 35mm 1.4 to make it a sucess I'd say.

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