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Re: Fujifilm X100s / Sony RX1

R370 wrote:

Hi - I am very much in a difficult situation as to the selection of my next camera. I own a D700 and mostly shoot with a 50mm 1.4 in fulll format. I recently bought a Sony RX100 which is a hell of a camera to take with me skiing or for family occassions. With this camera I have found out, how cool it is to have a camera handy all the time, the D700 is just too bulky. Now I say the Sony RX1 and it seems to be an unbelievable camera - taking pitures in full format with astonishing optics. What I don't like so much is the super-techy apporach. 1000 pictorgramms and functions. Now a friend told me that the Fujifilm X100S will be equivalent in quality when it comes out. To me, the approach of this camera is great - simple, easy to use. However, does anyone truly think it can life up to the imagery a full format camera as the RX1. It just doesn't seem logical to me... any advice out there?

One camera is full frame, another is APS-C.  No matter how good one or the other are, the rendering will be different.  You decide whether a full-frame sensor picture is worth it to you.

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