External boom microphone for NEX-6 shipping mid-March (ECM-XYST1M): $159

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Re: External boom microphone for NEX-6 shipping mid-March (ECM-XYST1M): $159

Indeed, it would be exciting for me to be able to use my Bluetooth wireless microphone adapter designed for the AIS, now on my NEX-6, on so many levels: it is a clever design that draws battery power from the camcorder, avoids RF interference issues, and is reasonably priced compared to pro RF wireless solutions. How were you able to verify that the pin-outs are a perfect match between the old and new shoe interfaces?

Actually now that you mention "perfect match", I'm questioning myself.  I was basing it on seeing that apparently the published pinouts seem to include a combination of several previous shoes (all of the shoes that the MIS is replacing):


Assuming that's correct, there could even be an adapter for Smart Accessory Terminal items (not that there would be huge demand for it).

I'm figuring that if the shoe adapter you mentioned (ADP-MAC) is intended to adapt previous HandyCam AIS shoe items to the newer MIS video cameras, then the pinouts must be the same, if not identical.  The product description says "Attach lights, monitors and other important accessories to increase your production value with the ADP-MAC multi-interface shoe adapter."  Since some of these items require direct communication with the camera or power from the shoe, I'm assuming (maybe optimistically) that the adapter is just a pass-through for the AIS-specific pins to their MIS equivalents, like the ADP-MAA does for iISO pins.

That's what I'm hoping, anyway.  I think the bigger issue is, even if the pins are there, is the software support there in the camera?  This worries me more.  But hopefully more than a few people will pick up the ADP-MAC and have a go with their AIS accessories, and report back to us.

We can dream!  Of course I could be wrong.  Which would save me money.  But would I be happier?

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