A walk through the woods with my 5D3

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Re: A walk through the woods with my 5D3

GTOz wrote:

I'm no expert....

What lens are you using? Is that the new Sigma 35 f/1.4?

I would probably have stopped down more to increase depth of focus on wide angle landscapes as there is no one close point of interest that you are trying to accentuate. You have plenty of room to move on shutter speed and ISO, especially with the last!

Also, I would not take too many pictures with the central vanishing point. 3 out of 4 is probably too much. The first works well, with the bridge looking almost like a gun sight - not that I know much about this because we have appropriate gun laws in Oz that help dramatically reduce gun deaths... (ducks for cover)!

I agree with Indusbreed that the second would work better with portrait orientation, maybe keeping the horizon lowish in the field to accentuate the trees and the gap for the sky over the track.

The third , because it lacks a particular feature would probably benefit from being taken from a little further off the track and pointing down a bit more allowing the track to lead more diagonally into the scene. Maybe the closer stuff like fallen logs would then also add more interest.

The fourth - seriously needs stopping down to increase depth of focus. It works OK with that central vanishing point, but IMO because it is shown with several others with the central point and is the weakest of these might benefit from being framed differently.

An opinion from a relatively unaccomplished photographer so you are very welcome to discard it...

GTOz I am also relatively unaccomplished so I do appreciate your comments! The lens was the Canon 35mm f1.4L.  The camera is still pretty new to me but it is a blast to use.  I am absolutely going to keep the portrait orientation in mind the next time I come across a scene like that.  Seems like that would have been the way to go.  Again I thank you for all the comments.

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